VFD Training Slides

Each of the following topics is linked to a PDF document.

VF Drive Training Introduction

What is this all about?

Reasons for Using Adjustable Speed Drives

Understanding the ultimate objective is often the key to properly selecting and applying a variable speed drive.

Mechanical Concepts for Drives

A basic review of speed, work, energy, power, torque and the mechanical laws of physics involved in using variable speed drives

Basic Electricity

A basic review of the electrical and electronic principles that make variable frequency drives work

Power Conversion

Motors and drives are power conversion equipment.

Types of Adjustable Speed Drives

Variable frequency drives are one of a number of alternative technologies.

Basic Principles of Adjustable Frequency Drives

What they are and how they work.

Applying Adjustable Frequency Drives

How to determine the variable frequency drive ratings, features and configuration required to drive a given load.

Selecting Motors For Adjustable Frequency Drives

Special requirements for selecting motors for use with variable frequency drives.

Selecting AF Drive Controllers

More detailed information about VF Drive controller selection

The AF Drive Installation Environment

Assuring that the drive is compatible with its installation environment is an essential element of a successful application.

Application Examples

Explanations of the drive requirements of several common applications for variable speed drives.

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